The story of our little miracle! And this is how the story begins. In this blog I’ll tell you how and when I found out I was pregnant and how I told Michael. It is a very private and personal journey which I like to document. I share our adventure because I think it would be nice and I personally loved to read other people’s stories. So why won’t we share the joy?!

In march I went to get a drink with my sister and nieces. One of my nieces asked out of the blue ‘Are you pregnant?’ and I answered ‘Not that I know haha’. Then my sister told me she dreamed that I was pregnant and I started to get curious if I’d really be.

So that same night I took a cheap pregnancy test (shop: Action). It did not turn positive within the two minutes. Somehow this time I’d chosen to put the test in a drawer and to not throw it away. I left it and I fell asleep that night like nothing was going on. The next morning I opened the drawer and I saw a very light stripe. You can imagine I got a bit curious again.. and I took another cheap test and it became very light positive within two minutes.

This is it! This is the moment I can take the very expensive clear blue pregnancy test with a week indicator. That was an agreement I made with myself. ‘Do not take an expensive test until a cheap test makes you doubt it might be positive. So it seemed legit! Another test, means another waiting bit. In the meantime I went downstairs to pack my bag because I was going to the zoo. I did not realy expect the clear blue test to become positive, I just assumed I was seeing things that were not there. But then….

I came upstairs and the test said ‘Pregnant – 1-2 weeks’. And it blew my mind. I was so amazed! I could not believe it. It took some time to sink in, for sure! Then I realized Michael did not now a thing about me taking tests and thinking I would be pregnant. Don’t get me wrong, it’s no surprise because we chosen to get started on children. But we did not expect we would be so lucky to conceive this quick. I did not want to call him on his work and tell him he was going to be a dad just out of the blue. I had to think about a nice way to tell him. But first I just went to the zoo, because well that was my plan for the day. I thought I would find something along the way that would be a nice way to tell Michael. In the end of the day I bought a book ‘The very best dad’.

I went home and assumed he wasn’t home already. But then he called to ask, how late I would be home that night because he was already! For real!? He is home early, today?! I panicked a bit, because I left the pregnancy test in the bathroom. Let’s be honest, men are bad at finding things.. But you really do not want to push your luck in this case. So I told him I had a surprise upstairs and he could not go up until I would be home. The great boyfriend I have, just listened and stayed downstairs. (I wonder if could do the same when he would have told me there was a surprise upstairs, haha!)

When I came home, I first ran upstairs to get the pregnancy test and I put it in my vest. Downstairs I gave him the book. He looked at it and sad ‘Dad?’… and a few seconds later ‘What?! Really?!’ and he hugged me tight. I loved to tell him this way.

Wrote by Lieke with love

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