Last week I visited Dierenrijk, to see the new rhino habitat. It has become so beautiful! I also visited Zoo Krefeld and Beekse Bergen. In Zoo Krefeld I’ve made some cute pictures of Bobóto! And in Beekse Bergen I finally saw the tiger triplets, they are so cute!

Northern white-cheeked gibbon Kanette and Jaya – Dierenrijk
chimpanzee Christa – Dierenrijk
goliath heron – Dierenrijk
goliath heron – Dierenrijk
Indian rhino – Dierenrijk

When the rhino’s get into the water, you can see them from up close! It’s a wonderful habitat!

Gorilla Boma – Zoo Krefeld

In Krefeld I visited the parents of Jambo (the well known gorilla from Apenheul, who moved last year).

Gorilla Massa – Zoo Krefeld

And I saw the orang utan family again!

Orang Utans Lea & Suria – Zoo Krefeld
Orang Utan Changi – Zoo Krefeld
Orang Utan Suria – Zoo Krefeld

And of course I went to see the gorilla family!

Cute gorilla Bobóto – Zoo Krefeld
Gorilla Bobóto – Zoo Krefeld
Loving mom and son – Zoo Krefeld
Muna – Zoo Krefeld
Miliki and Bobóto – Zoo Krefeld
Miliki and Bobóto – Zoo Krefeld
Jaguar – Zoo Krefeld
musk ox – Zoo Krefeld

In Beekse Bergen I saw the tiger triplets, and they are darn cute!

Tiger cub – Beekse Bergen
Tiger cub – Beekse Bergen
Tiger cubs – Beekse Bergen

As you can see in the picture, one of the ears of the cub is hanging down. Nothing to worry about but, she got to close while daddy was eating and he hit her. But luckily cubs heal quickly! And Aida got some sleep next to him a few hours later. So nothing to worry about.

Tiger cub Aïda – Beekse Bergen
mommy Angara – Beekse Bergen
good night, sleep tight! – Beekse Bergen

Hope you enjoyed the pictures! Have a nice week!

With Love, Lieke

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  • Jenny

    Hoi hoi, ik dacht dat het wel eens tijd was om nog eens deze blog te bekijken en er dit keer een reactie op te geven.

    Mooie foto’s weer! Mijn favoriet is happy Suria met haar mond wijd open.


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