First Trimester!

In this blog I’ll give you a sneak peek how we told our family and friend that we are expecting. And I’ll tell you how I experienced the first 12 weeks of my pregnancy.

Telling our parents!

I gave my parents and Michaels parents this little matches box. Inside the box there was a little raisin on a blanket and a little note. For the past three years I had a calender of ‘Love is…’. On the exact day we told Michaels parents it said the following thing..

Love is.. hearing you’re becoming grandparents

Michaels father saw a little turd of Lilly our bunny instead of the raisin, that was hilarious! My mother saw right away she was becoming a grandmother when she opened the little box, it did not take her that much time haha!

Dear Grandma and Grandpa,
At this moment I am as big as a raisin.
See you in November!
eerst echo 5 april 2019

The first echo was surreal. We did not know what to expect. We hoped to see a beating heart, and luckily there was!

Telling friends and family!

One day later we had our housewarming. A bit late because we moved in the house in September 2018. Although it was soon, we wanted to share. Because I believe you want support in the good and bad times. And it was a great party!

 Announcement  for friends and family

Becaue we were really early with our first echo we got a second one, two weeks later. Because it would be more fun to watch. And wow it blew my mind how much had changed over two weeks. Our baby now had legs and arms!

Upside down! Head down and
buttocks up

First Trimester all bright and shiny?

The first trimester wasn’t the beautiful pink cloud everybody was talking about to be honest. But of course we were over the moon to expect a baby. It is a miracle that you can make a human. But yeah morning sickness was a real thing, except I kinda had all-day-sickness. And it kicked right in when I needed to start at my new job and still work at my previous job. Luckily it only lasted until week 11/12. And then it got better. Besides the sickness I could sleep all day long haha. It was the weirdest thing. To sleep for hours and wake up and be able to sleep for hours again. But I think it’s kinda logical that it costs a lot of energy.

12 weeks!

It felt like it was taking ages to get at the 12 weeks. But I was so happy to see our little bubba again! And we could see the baby move on the screen and hear the heartbeat. It was the weirdest thing. Just two hours after the echo, it sank in. The baby we saw on the TV screen, is in me! Oh my god, it is moving, in me! We made a baby who can wiggle its buttocks and wave with his hands already. It was hilarious, but also logical. It’s a miracle that you (in this case I) can grow a human!

12 weeks – Head on the left side. One leg in the air!

Hope you enjoyed reading! Next time I’ll tell you more about 20 weeks echo and finding out the babies gender!

With love, lieke

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