Last week I had a really good photograph day at Dierenrijk. The polar bears loved swimming and the water was perfectly blue because of the reflection of blue sky. And I visited Bobóto in zoo Krefeld. Photography was hard but filming went great! Shots Of this Week contains a lot of polar bear and gorilla pictures ;)!

Henk – Dierenrijik

Henk (daddy of the twins) is looking good again! Happy to see him looking this good and swimming around and eating.

Henk – Dierenrijk
Henk enjoying his carrot – Dierenrijk
Firmas – Dierenrijk
Frimas playing with the kids – Dierenrijk
Frimas playing with the kids – Dierenrijk
Shake it Frimas! – Dierenrijk
The little ones are very interested in dad on the diother side of the habitat. – Dierenrijk
Little one Nivi or Elva – Dierenrijk
Little one Nivi or Elva – Dierenrijk
Indian rhino – Dierenrijk
little gibbon Jaya – Dierenrijk
Family picture is still a challenge – Dierenrijk
Red Panda – Dierenrijk
Red Panda – Dierenrijk

Originally I wanted to go to Beekse Bergen. But it was so crowded, there was a 30 minutes traffic jam to get on the parking lot. So I decided to go to Zoo Krefeld. And I did not regret my decision! I enjoyed a lot of my time there with the gorilla family group!

Pepe and his tasty bouquet – Zoo Krefeld
Nomnomnom pepe – Zoo Krefeld
Those little teeth! Pepe – Zoo Krefeld
Miliki and Bobóto – Zoo Krefeld
Kidogo – Zoo Krefeld
Oya relaxing – Zoo Krefeld
Kidogo and Muna – what a romance haha – Zoo Krefeld
Pepe – Zoo Krefeld
do you spot the little one? – Zoo Krefeld
What a cutey! – Zoo Krefeld

Did you know?: Dwarf side monkey daddy’s carry their children instead of the mothers. She only takes it when she is feeding it. I did not know, I’ve learned it this week!

What a cuteyl! – Zoo Krefeld
Lea – Zoo Krefeld
Lea and Suria – Zoo Krefeld

And if you wanna see more of little Bobóto, than you should definitely click here and watch the little video on my youtube channel. Don’t wanna miss any videos? Then subscribe on my channel (it’s free)!

Hope you liked this Shots Of The Week! Made it with love, Lieke

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