It has been a while but I’m back! On the 6th of December, I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy who we named James.

first 4 weeks

When he was 20 days old we went for a short zoo visit. James his first zoo visit. Without a doubt, the first zoo visit had to be Dierenrijk. It’s the place where my love for animals started. It’s the place that feels like my lovely back garden, and I enjoyed every minute of it.

Dierenrijk – 26-12-2019

In January and February we visited Ouwehands and Burgers Zoo. Together with a lovely friend of mine, I dared to go. So thankful, because it gave me the energy that I needed.

Ouwehands Zoo 07-01-2020

Besides being a mom, it was finally me-time. Because I feel relaxed and I get so much energy from these places with these wonderful animals.

Burgers Zoo – 24-01-2020

But this blog is also about telling you guys I’ll be back with blogs! The only thing that will change is, The Shots Of The Week will become The Shots Of The Month. Every first day of the month I’ll post my most memorable pictures of lovely animals. I hope you’ll like it.

with love,


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