Hip Hip Hooray! Zoos are finally opening up again and I was able to go to Artis. It was so nice to see the gorilla family again! But there was also an 11 days old elephant. He was of course very cute but also very adventurous already. A day full of fun and lovely animals. So it’s time to show you some photos!

little Vinh eleven days old <3
“little bit tired”
“what are these?”
little Vinh playing with the sticks
Thong Thai, little baby Vinh and big sister Sanuk
Vinh and Sanuk
11 days old so cute and so adventurous

Because you have to follow a special route, it took some time before I saw the lovely gorilla family. I was a bit early because the gorilla’s weren’t outside yet. But my patience was rewarded. They boys have grown quite a bit in the last two months. Damsi his baby-face is gone and he is becoming a cute toddler! They got new climbing trees and all seemed to love it. Even Damsi is climbing in them! Soon there will be new videos of the Artis family on my youtube channel :)!

Dafina and Damsi
Lazy Damsi on his mums back
Silverback Akili
Shae also has grown so much!
the little gibbon has grown also
lovely gibbons!
beautiful spider monkey
beautiful spider monkey
baby prairie dog

I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing some of the Artis animals. It was all well adjusted to these weird corona times, and it was a lovely visit!


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