It was a bit quiet over here lately. But it’s time to pick it up! This year two gorilla babies where born in the zoos I often visit. Vizazi was born in Antwerpen on the 24th of June and Moos was born on the 15th of July. I saw Vizazi for the first time when she was one day old (you could have seen it in my last blog). I saw Moos for the first time when he was just a few hours old. So special! Those pictures and video’s are special to me. In this blog I will show you the first pictures and the follow up until now. Hope you’ll enjoy it!

Although every birth is special. Moos his birth was a very special one, he was born outside on the island. When I came to visit just a few hours after birth the placenta and umbilical cord were still intact. It was so special and therefor Moos has a very special place in my heart.

Moos a few hours old.

A long the way Vizazi had many special moments, and I’ve followed her almost weekly the past months.

Vizai one month old
Moos one month old

Because Beekse Bergens is always a hard place to photograph these little ones, I have made some cute videos of Moos, if you’d like to see more of his development click down below.

Vizazi was a lot easier to photograph. They have an inside enclosure where the visitors are standing outside. That also gives us natural light in the enclosure, that’s always better to make pictures than artificial light.

Close to mommy is the best place in the world – Vizazi

Last week I’ve uploaded a video of Vizazi almost climbing on mommy her back. It was so adorable. It will probably not take long before she will be allowed to sit with Amahoro. Imagine how cute it would be!

These pictures are the last ones I took, at has been a few weeks because of the Covid-19 situation I haven’t seen the troop for a few weeks. Hope to see them soon again.


This was the last picture I took of Moos, look at that beautiful hair!

mommy Tuena and son Moos

Hope you enjoyed this short blog with a little update of these beautiful babies who are 3 and 4 months old now. Let me know in the reactions what kind of animal you would like to see in a next blog!

Written with love, Lieke

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