I love the beautiful colors of fall. The warm and cozy feeling of the days with red and yellow leaves falling into the enclosures of animals. Some play with the leaves, others just look gorgeous while parading in it. I hope you’ll enjoy the pictures!

Tuena and Moos
Tuena and Moos

The leaves in this lion his hair just make it the perfect autumn picture

Lion Chris

Also this cheetah just looks gorgeous while parading in between the fallen leaves.


N’Washi even smelled the flowers!


Also something you can find in Beekse Bergen are fly agarics! So pretty :). A good friend of mine let me use her camera lens, and I was able to take this lovely picture!

fly agaric

Calimero is the most charming elephant male I know! He’s so big and that makes his name even more funny. Because we know a children’s program with a Calimero who complains about being little.

Also maybe not so much fall vibes from these pictures, but how cute is little rhino Ravy who was born on the 7th of October!?

I hope you enjoyed the pictures!

Written with love, Lieke

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