Dear reader,

My name is Lieke, and I live in this tiny village called Lieshout in the Netherlands. In 2019 I made the choice to follow my dreams. I started my YouTube channel and in 2020 it became my work. In my videos you can follow gorilla and orangutan families. I follow them on a weekly base, you can see their first day in life, their first steps and all their goofy and beautiful habits. 

So you can often find me in the zoos of Europe to enjoy and photograph the beautiful animals who live there. I’m a big nature lover and I hope to take you with me in my blogs, to see the beautiful wonders of nature!

I try to capture the beauty of the animals in the most natural way possible. On my Instagram profile I’ll give you tips to make the most wonderful pictures of animals yourself! And if you live in the Netherlands and want me to photograph your favorite animal or pet, you can book a photoshoot

I hope my enthusiasm will speak to you and will inspire you to do whatever it is you love in life. 

Love, Lieke

P.S. All pictures are made by me unless the descriptions says otherwise. Please contact me if you want to use my pictures.